Pablo Schreiber

Pablo Schreiber

Pablo Schreiber is a Canadian-American actor who shares a love for both the screen and the stage. He was born on April 26, 1978. Pablo is famous for his character Nick Sobotka in The Wire, Mad Sweeney on the Tv Adaptation on American Gods, and his portrayal of George “Pornstache” Mendez in Orange is the new black. He was born in British Colombia. Pablo’s father, Tell Schrieber was also an actor. Pablo has a half brother Liev Schreiber, that is from Tell’s first wife. His mother is a Canadian resident. Pablo’s father has a strong interest in literature. He even named Pablo after a poet named Pablo Neruda. Pablo moved to Seattle with his father after his parent’s separation. After high school, Pablo enrolled at the University of San Francisco. He hoped to be in the basketball team but, fate had something more planned for him.

Pablo Schreiber Movies:

Pablo Schreiber appeared as Nick Sobotka on season 2 of the critically praised HBO series The Wire. He also performed in the films The Manchurian Candidate, Lords of Dogtown, and Happythankyoumoreplease. He also had a recurring guest part on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as serial rapist William Lewis, protagonist Olivia Benson’s (Mariska Hargitay) nemesis. Pablo also performed in the FX series Lights Out.

A website ranked Pablo #77 on their list of “sexiest men alive.”


Pablo Schreiber movies

Pablo Schreiber learned the tools of the acting trade in theater, appearing in plays in his home state of Washington. He continued to appear in theatrical productions while attending Carnegie Mellon in the early 2000s, and made his Broadway debut in 2006, with a role in the revival of Awake and Sing. Pablo earned a Tony Award nomination too for that performance. He would adhere to the series till 2008, forthwith swaying on to act in the quirky band movie happythankyoumoreplease in 2011. That same year, owning such success with TV drama in history, Schreiber reverted to the small screen, starring in the boxing drama Lights Out. In 2013, Pablo played Pornstache Mendez on Orange is the new black.

Pablo Schreiber Wife:

Jessica Schreiber is a yoga instructor, and she filed for legal separation shortly before Christmas, citing conflicting differences.

Pablo, whose nickname on the show is “Pornstache,” married Jessica in 2007. They have two kids, a 5-year-old son and a 22-month-old daughter.

Pablo Schreiber wife

Jessica isn’t going loose on Pablo either. She’s obliging full physical custody of the children, and she requires Pablo to pay her spousal assistance. She also wants the judiciary to reject any suggestion he might make for spousal support.

Nevertheless, Jessica says she’s open to negotiating Pablo visiting, and she’s agreeable to share legal custody. It seems like something even Pablo’s brother, Liev, can’t fix.

Even though it’s separation, it sounds like divorce is on the skyline. Pablo Schreiber does not look happy with the breakup. He’s frustrated, to be honest, because of the kids. Pablo looked angry in his tweet regarding the physical custody of his children. He said that the worst thing about divorce is you have to decide who keeps the control of the children.


Pablo Schreiber American Gods:

Pablo Schreiber is anchored for the leading role of Mad Sweeney in American Gods, Starz’s expected series acclimatization of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel.

On American Gods, Schreiber replenishes British actor Sean Harris who had to draw out for personal purposes after a week of shooting.

Pablo Schreiber American gods

The series chronicles a war that is fermenting among old and new gods: the traditional gods of whimsical roots from around the world unwaveringly losing followers to an upstart pantheon of gods indicating society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity, and drugs. The show’s main lead, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), is an ex-con who fits bodyguard and moving partner to Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), a conman who in certainty is one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to mobilize his forces in anticipation to battle the new gods.

Ad Sweeney is a down on his luck goblin, who is begetting a hard time conceding how he lost his charm and way. Always up for a good fight, Sweeney is never divested while in the commissioning of Mr. Wednesday.


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