Joe Rogan net worth

Joe Rogan net worth

Joe Rogan Net-worth is $100 million. He’s a standup comedian, actor, UFC commentator, and a podcast host.  Joe showcased his talent as a cast member on a comedy series News Radio. Over time he went on to host two shows. A reality show named Fear Factor as well as Comedy Central’s The Man Show were under his hosting. Joe serves as a commentator nowadays for UFC. He also operates one of the most successful podcasts in the world.

According to our speculation, Joe Rogan earns an estimated $30 million per year from his podcasts. Joe still performs sold-out standup shows around the country and is the official commentator for UFC. He bagged millions when he was a host at Fear Factor from 2001 to 2006.

Joe-Rogan Podcast:

Joe operates a podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, downloaded almost 200 million times per month making him the highest-paid podcaster of 2019. The podcast was launched in 2009 and has evolved over the years more than ever. The show is rated so high because of the characters and conversations. In 2020, Joe signed a deal with Spotify to bring his #1 podcast to the elite platform adding more to Joe Rogan’s Net-Worth. The deal offers audio and video feeds. Spotify claimed its biggest achievement by signing an exclusive deal with Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan podcast

The show was independent of the beginning. Joe will still retain the ownership and full editorial control of the podcast. The show will be available on Spotify in September. The video version of the podcast still streams on YouTube until the contract with Spotify starts. Joe’s podcasts were a huge success as they had the likes of Elon Musk to Alex Jones to Jack Dorsey to Robert Downey Jr. A lot of ears and eyeballs are up for his podcasts.

Joe Rogan net worth after Spotify deal:

Joe has a subscriber count of over 8,000,000. Generally, Joe Rogan podcast episodes feature comedians, mixed-martial artists and coaches, celebrity friends, and political commentators or personalities. Joe doesn’t make the same recipe every day. He spices it up with different personalities talking over different topics in each podcast. Joe might have earned from his other professions too but, nothing comes even close to his podcasts. The numbers never remain constant when Joe is on the mic. On the Contrary, they flourish every passing second, a second making Joe Rogan Net-Worth keep going.

Joe Rogan Forbes:

Joe got his name into the Forbes, highest-paid podcaster of 2019. As he made sure his spot in the Forbes previous year, he is more than ready to be a part of it this year too. Signing the new deal with Spotify will make sure of it. He plans on doubling up the dollars he made last year adding more to Joe Rogan’s Net-Worth. He has 400 million eyes glued to his video podcasts. The deal signed with Spotify has worth more than $100 million. Spotify has made sure that Joe doesn’t have a choice to refuse. They have paid a whole lot of money to get the best in the business. Spotify has bagged in more names before like Bill Simmons The Ringer, Alex Blumberg, and Matt Lieber’s Gimlet. Rogan is more than ready to turn his fan-base into subscribers. Spotify stocks have shot up after the news of the deal broke in.

Joe Rogan UFC:

Joe Rogan is acknowledged in the UFC community for his aggressive and unique commentating skills. These pay per view add a lot to Joe Rogan Net-Worth. Joe’s popularity reached new heights when he got into the commentators’ panel in the UFC. He appeared in top main card event fights.

Joe Rogan UFC

According to a report, Joe’s earning increased by $50 million after he joined the UFC. Joe was a backstage interviewer at the start. Rogan then had his breakthrough when he became friends with the UFC’s new president Dana White, who offered him a job as a colored commentator which he declined at the start. But eventually, he accepted the offer and started getting paid for it. Rogan keeps on winning the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Television Announcer for the second time and is named MMA Personality of the Year four times by the World MMA Awards.

Joe Rogan YouTube:

YouTube adds more to Joe Rogan Net-Worth. Rogan has never revealed his earning from the podcasts. But we can figure out the approximate value. The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the United States, and it averages a million hits per day.

Joe Rogan YouTube

So, even the least possible earning from these podcasts are $1.8 million a year. According to these figures, Rogan earns an estimated amount of $2 million a year. We added more to the possible earning because Rogan has two YouTube channels to his name. Joe also does live reads for multiple brands. Back in 2015, he made an estimated $11,000 from live reading. Now we are left with a total of $2.8 million in revenue. Adding everything we have in our revenue list, Joe is earning approximately $4-5 million per year.

Joe Rogan Fear Factor:

In 2001, Joe got an offer to host the American edition of the Fear Factor. Fear Factor was the highest-rated show on network television.

Joe Rogan fear factor

The show ran for six seasons from 2001 to 2006. In 2011, Rogan resumed his role as a host for the seventh and final edition of Fear Factor. The show backed Joe Rogan Net-Worth in the best manner possible.


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