chris hemsworth net worth

Chris Hemsworth net worth:  $130 million

Date of Birth:  Aug 11, 1983 (36 years old)

Gender: Male

height:  6.2 [1.9 m]

Profession: actor

Nationality: Australia


Last update: 2020

chris hemsworth net worth

Chris Hemsworth is one successful guy. Not only does he have a gorgeous family and a superhero power that other guys would hit (and/or starve), but he also has a heavy Hollywood bank account to boot.

Over the progression of his profession, the 36-year-old star has gone from making a few separate Australian TV characters to playing a Marvel leading man and constant action (and comedy) hero. But just how much wealth has Thor, God of Thunder, been able to gather in? Probably enough to buy himself a beautiful nice place in Asgard, that’s for sure.

Just to note: Net worth is always a tricky number to estimate—or rather, to verify. Most figures below are not 100% true. Suppose variations of +/- $10 million. Which, by the way, is just crazy. Don’t you want sources could miscount your turn by that number?

Here is everything we know about Chris Hemsworth’s net worth here

Chris Hemsworth net worth from extraction :

chris hemsworth net worth

Let’s start with his new film extraction, a $67 million streaming effort that Hemsworth admits was his most thrilling movie thus far to shoot. It’s also maybe one of the cheapest recent films, far less pricey than his last blockbuster Men in Black, which had a budget of around $115 million.


While it’s hard to confirm the exact salary per movie, we know that one of Hemsworth’s most productive roles was as Thor ( powerful god of Asgard) in Avengers Endgame, In which it was confirmed that he made $15.5 million. The movie had around $325 million budget, making Hemsworth’s share about 4.6 percent. In Extraction, Hemsworth is not sharing the screen with A-grade actors like Robert Downey Jr and so presumably takes home a bigger commission cut. 


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